EHI kooliaasta lõpu ja suve jätkuvuse piknik leiab aset sel teisipäeval, 05. juulil, algusega kell 17.00 Kadrioru pargis ning kestab päris kaua (kestvus oleneb vihmast või selle puudumisest, sääskede söögiisust, munitsipaalpolitseinikest ja muudest ettenähtamatutest/ennenägematutest sündmustest).

Kaasa võtta iseend, toit-jook* ja hea tuju.
Võib tuua ka sõpru, tekke, karvaseid koduloomi, mänguasju, palle & lauamänge, muusikainstrumente (v.a. klaver) jne.

Kaart on siin.

In case of bad weather or lost friends call us

5 333 2017.

Too ise sõbrale ja võib-olla sõber toob ka sulle.
Enne sööme sinu oma ja siis sööb igaüks enda oma.
Pool pudelit on parem kui tühi koor.
Tühi (pruun paber)kott ei seisa ise püsti, vaid tuleb pudeli ümber mässida.
Parem grillkana murul, kui kalkun puu otsas.
Jaanipäevaks kõrgeks kasvab rohi.
Kala läheb mädanema peast.
Jeesus toitis 8 kala ja 6 leivaga kõik Balti jaama kodutud.
Jagajale jäävad kõige suuremad tükid.
Suurtükk ajab suu lõhki.
Armastus saab toitu vaid armastusest.
Magus maitseb igal mehel, aga parem suutäis soolast, kui maotäis magedat.
Igaüks peab oma supi sööma.
Kõik, mis juhtub, juhtub.
Seltsis on segasem.
Parem Hilja, kui mitte kedagi.
Käi minu sõnade, mitte tegude järgi.

Põhimõtteliselt on midagi veel...

Suvi on alles algamas ja tsiteerides klassikuid: Hoi-hoi, nüüd läheb lahti!

Kõik on teretulnud!

Your presence is kindly requested at the EHI picnic held on Tuesday 5th July 2011 at 5 pm onwards at the Kadriorg Park (please refer to the map).

EHI students and teachers are having a picnic to celebrate all the good things in life, but especially end of the school year and arriving summer solstice. Have to start practicing for the St. John's Night celebrations early on (no fires though, so it will be a so-called dry run).

The picnic is casual.
So, bring yourself, your significant ones, friends, blankets, (fluffy) pets, toys&games, musical instruments (except for grand pianos) and most importantly - high spirits.
Also, please bring your share of food and drinks*.

Like mentioned, we'll start at 5 pm and the length of the event depends on various factors (whether it is raining and how bad the downpour is, how vicious and hungry are the mosquitos and gnats, the amount of municipal police and other creatures attracted by public consumption of alcohol, and other contingencies).
We will be brave!

* A rough, direct translation of the twisted Estonian proverbs listed and some more (as the principles of EHI picnic; please do not request an explanation):

Bring onto your friend and perhaps your friend brings onto you.
What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
First we'll all eat what is yours and then we'll each eat our own.
Half a bottle is better than just an empty shell.
Empty (brown paper) bag does not stand on its own, but has to be wrapped around a bottle.
Better a grilled chicken on the lawn than a turkey up the tree.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
The grass shall grow high by the St. John's Day.
A fish always rots from the head down.
Jesus fed all the homeless at Balti Jaam with mere 8 fish and 6 breads.
One man's meat is another man's poison.
Spices make the world go round.
Love feeds only on love.
All men love sweets, but better a mouthful of savory than a stomachful of bland.
Everyone has to eat their own soup.
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
All that happens, happens.
Better late than never.
If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
A person is known by the company he keeps.
There's safety in numbers.
Do as I say, not as I do.
Wonders will never cease.
Live for today for tomorrow never comes!

In principle, there are more principles...

The summer is on full force, bring it on!